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Rod Savers
10" Single Rod Saver
10" & 6" Rod Saver Set
8" & 6" Rod Saver Set
11" & 6" Set Rod Saver Set
12" Single Pro Rod Saver
12" & 6"Set Pro Rod Saver
14" Single Pro Rod Saver
14" & 8" Set Pro Rod Saver
Vehicle Rod Carrier
Vertical Mount Rod Saver
Vertical Mount Rod Saver
Vertical Mount Rod Saver
Poly Rod Strap

Vertical Mount Rod Saver

Our Vertical Mount Rod Savers are constructed with EPDM rubber inserts to hold rods in a boat in a vertical application securing the rods horizontally. The EPDM Rubber is a very outdoor durable material that will resist UV rays and outdoor elements. They are designed to hold rods and reels in a crisscross manner to enable more rods and reels to be stored in a smaller space.

SM4 4 Rods
SM6 6 Rods
SM8 8 Rods

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